Franky Rizardo & Roul and Doors
01 Jul 2012 |


“I wish I could do the whole experience again! Very professional team from the management to the interns and hair dressers, photographers, everyone! “

Daphne L.   /   Heritage High School 2008


“…was a great experience! I always wanted to be in a magazine, i would definitely recommended GEV to all girls! “

Melissa M.   /   Collège Français 2009


“Very unique company and team ! will highly recommend to all girls who want the modeling experience for professional reasons or even just for fun to try it out, great memories!”

Laura S.   /  St. George’s High School 2010


“…after being a model it was a big opportunity for me to become an intern for the year and learn about the fashion marketing business!”  

Nicole S.  /  Villa Maria 2011


“GEV gave me the experience I needed to get into other modeling jobs, excellent place to get your start” 

Bianca P.   /   Pierrefonds Comprehensive High School 2012


“…great stylists and I really enjoyed the grand luxurious photo shoots! “

Victoria  I .  /  Laurier Macdonald High School 2012


“I actually joined GEV to see how the modeling business works and got to model as well! Being part of the behind the scenes at the events, fashion shows and photo shoots was super fun!”

Kristina R.   /   Vanier College 2013


“Very cool experience especially meeting all the artists and celebrities at the shows!”

Stephanie T.   /    College Sainte-Anne de Lachine 2013