Franky Rizardo & Roul and Doors
01 Jul 2012 |


Graduation En Vogue Productions believes every child should have access to quality education and a complete Graduation / Prom experience .We create an opportunity for all students to experience the glory of graduating even though not all students may be able to afford it. Many grads do not even attend and miss their proms due to shame and embarrassment, with our graduation / prom fund this will be a thing of the past.

Our main goal for our charity is regardless of financial background there should be Graduation for all.

We want to start a revolution of graduation for all no matter the cost. We want to see more students enjoying the graduating year by not having to worry about the burden of paying for their senior trips, graduation pictures and even their proms, which includes their tickets, dresses, hair ,make -up, shoes, after prom parties, etc .

After being in the graduation business for over 6 years, and working with hundreds of schools and thousands of grads, we have found out that there are approximately 14% of students who cannot afford all of the costs that come with the most important time and final high school year of their life.


Where will the Donations go?

The funds will be re – distributed to students who will qualify for our fund program. We will be working very closely with our school boards and high schools to find students in need and make sure their qualify for this assistance.

Students may contact us directly as well and we will review each application with great scrutiny and thorough background checks to see if they are eligible.

This Graduation /Prom fund is open to all to donate, including students, individuals, and corporations.

All donations will receive a tax receipt.